Shopping Posture

shopping posture

pic05615 pic05701 pic09022 pic09802 pic09806 pic10570 pic12221 pic17960 pic18080 pic24021 pic27359 pic28228 pic31642 zpic12178A friend of mine sent these images through over the Christmas shopping period…which saved me the trouble of going out with my camera (which I’ve been threatening to do for months) to capture society’s shopping posture.

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while you’ll know the secrets to not wearing and tearing your postural muscles, ligaments and discs (and getting some good load bearing going on through the bones) with easy upright posture.

How many of these blokes blame a whiplash injury for their neck issues…and then spend all of their down time in such compression of the cervical spine?

How many blokes tell all kinds of elaborate stories about their back/shoulder issues…quoting specialists, technical anatomy and a colourful array of sporting injuries (the good old days) to justify why they can’t do what they would do if it wasn’t for movement restrictions?

How many bulging discs are brewing under this collective spinal load that are attributed to genetics, bad treatments, the job, um…the wife?

They’re dead end stories.

I used to have one too…5 years it lasted.

I dispel stories every week and help unwitting skeptics to sit upright with no effort within minutes… during my public presentations, on squishy arm chairs no less!

Obviously it’s not rocket science to balance on your pelvis, afterall if you’re human, you’re built to do it…it’s being able to move yourself well enough INTO sitting on said pelvis that takes some coaching.

Enjoy these snapshots of our western world…they might be just a bit close to home.


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