Relaxaback logoAfter 10 years practicing as an Alexander Technique teacher I asked myself… am I reaching thousands of people with this information? (as was my original reason for training)

The answer was an emphatic No.

The Relaxaback® program was created to allow every individual access to some of the most basic understandings of the Alexander technique, in the comfort of their own home or office.

Working with dozens of people each week at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat on the Gold Coast exposed me to the absolute need for people to take something home with them that they could unlikely get wrong, was effective for their back pain and could save them thousands in treatments each year.

By setting up a space on the ground, lying semi prone for 15 minutes each day and following specific audio guidance, my clients have been able to solve everything from migraines and back pain to improving their posture. “Solve?”

If visiting a physio or chiropractor several times a month can be reduced to once or twice a year… then I call that an amazing solution.

The Relaxaback® has it’s own website. Click here for much more information and options to purchase the kit.