Office Chair Recycle Time

If you have one of these… this is where it belongs. Preferably on its way to a recycling station and not filling a hole in the ground, but either way, STOP sitting on one of these things.

Hopefully to be recycled into a couch with recline and gas lift...good for nothing else.

Hopefully to be recycled into a couch with recline and gas lift…good for nothing else.

The lounge chair comfort of this executive-look seat was instrumental in promoting slumped positions at the desk, rounded shoulders and lower back compression for decades. The scary thing is, you can still buy one brand new.

However, if you’ve spent some time reading through the chair reviews on this blog (here, here and here) you will see immediately where the designers have gone wrong as far as creating a supportive environment for the human body.

The classic “lumbar support” curve of the backrest allows pelvis to roll backward into the chair…collapsing the integrity of the spine and creating compensatory tightness/bracing in the upper back.

Added to this mire of poor design is that the majority of men cannot touch-type…so slumping back and down into this sofa masquerading as an office chair simply allowed one to type and look down through the upper back to even greater detriment for the shoulders, neck and breathing.

Yep… this is about the only place I would want to see this type of chair, out for collection.

Avoid sitting on one of these at any cost.


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