New Look Relaxaback

relaxaback cd cover

I’ve been meaning to write up our latest iteration of the Relaxaback system for a while. While the CD and jacket has undergone a cosmetic facelift, the device itself has been rebuilt from the ground up…so to speak.

Following on from many comments that the device was too hard I’ve relented by redesigning the contents. There is now a 10mm layer of lower density foam at the top to accommodate that bony bump at the back of the skull. We’ve all got one, but some of us have a more pointy one!

relaxaback device

relaxaback device

This softening doesn’t detract from the underlying support and I’m excited to use them in the weekly groups at the retreat. Though many people find the Relaxaback comfortable, not having to put a face washer on the top will simplify the setup for the ones who’s head complains.

On the ground level of the device we have put a solid base so that the foam doesn’t wear.

As for the future of the Relaxaback device… there are all sorts of high tech developments on the drawing board. I can’t say too much about them in case the competition gets wind of where we’re going. Competition? I’m probably dreaming there.


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