Hugh Jackman on Alexander technique

Hugh Jackman

I’ve recently met this terrific Aussie. I know well his original Alexander technique teacher who toured with him during his Australian performance of the Boy From Oz I teach breathing, meditation and posture classes at Gwinganna where he’s one of the shareholders. I want to share with you this very short clip where Hugh Jackman talks about his appreciation of the Alexander technique as an actor.

Hugh Jackman on why everyone should have the opportunity to study acting.

“The things you learn as an actor, about listening, about being present, about who you are, about human nature, I think everybody should learn it.”

“An actor or acting training or the life of an actor is really about being awake.”

“One of the greatest roadblocks to a relationship is how we increasingly take things for granted.”

“You do eight shows a week, and if you’re not awake that thing is going to be stale by the fifth show, and then the rest of the year is going to be horrific and the most turgid experience for the audience…it has to be as if for the first time…now why don’t we do that in life? ”

“We do all this work to do that on stage right… to make everything as though it’s for the first time right, and yet, we in our personal life we seem to just.. oh yeah, take it for granted…everything.”

“I don’t think in terms of professional, acting, personal relationships, they’re just relationships, it’s all just an opportunity to wake up really.”

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