How not to use a smartphone waiting for a Tram

Waiting for a Tram in Melbourne the other day I snapped this typical scene beside me.

Very few people don’t use their smartphone like this young girl.

Using-iPhone_editLocked knees in standing posture already creates a compressing curvature through the lower spine. Add a screen held low and you’ve put the icing on the cake of postural degradation.

The force of load on this young body would be well over 15kg from her head alone. Her neck and shoulders are holding onto about 3 bowling balls of weight, the front cartilage of her knees is getting the majority of the downward pressure, hip flexors are frozen and the tendons at the back of her knees are adapting to this set of habits. If she wants to play netball or any sport that requires her to change direction suddenly… goodbye anterior cruciate ligaments.

Perhaps she’s not quite so competitive but likes to keep fit doing other things. Her knees will go first from the wear and tear of the locking action (often in walking too) and by the time she’s in her late 30’s she’ll be blaming her mother’s genetics for the developing dowager’s hump on her neck.

The complete lack of physical self awareness in mainstream humanity is a millstone around our neck.

Beset with a myriad of physical symptoms later in life this woman will go from doctor to therapy to specialist to surgery.

Western culture is oblivious unto themselves. A set of logical principles laid out by F.M. Alexander 100 years ago could still change the world.

How will we get them all to wake up?

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