Guest Workshop Presenter May 21st, Karyn Chapman: Yoga and the Alexander Technique

The func®Shop Series of Workshops in 2016 (June-Trades, July-Office, August-Home)

Designed to address chronic recurring musculo-skeletal issues for active people wanting to take control.
= f.u.n.c.

Why pay experts to alleviate symptoms when all you do is walk out the door using the habits which are causing the problem… day in and day out?

“…See you in a few weeks” says the practitioner.

Go ahead and learn more stretches, exercises and tricks in the gym…it’s only adding repetition and effort on top of the same habits which are causing the problem… day in and day out.

Solution? Get your func®.

Understand how your body works so that the activities within your day become the “Exercise, Stretch and Strengthen”… day in and day out.

That’s the kind of time management I recommend.

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Testimonials from Gardener’s func®Shop in February 2016:

“Well worth it” Suzanne
“Great investment, your body can earn you everything.” Sam

“Will be keen to see how I put this practice into practice!” Kerstein

“Very informative, well presented. Will definitely recommend to a few people.” Sam