Amoči Active Program

Doing it yourself is a viable option. Alexander did and many others in far-flung places have to as well. If you’re within an hour’s drive of the Gold Coast though, I can help you make progress much quicker. I’m a teacher. When you’re ready to become the student, here are the stages.

STAGE 1: Face-Face Introduction

90 minutes : $180
Principles of Alexander Technique, photographic postural analysis, recommendations and estimated costs involved. Body meditation kit included for home study which comprises audio program, email support and Relaxaback® device.

-> The introductory session is designed to give you enough information to decide whether you will proceed and also provides a self-study relaxation program.

STAGE 2 : Foundations
50 mins x 6 sessions : $800
Manual guidance and verbal explanations you will be taught the skills of stopping unhelpful habit patterns, reducing unnecessary tension and strategies for rebalancing your coordination in daily life. The activities explored are customised to your occupation and lifestyle.

-> The foundations of self management are taught and personal commitment is required to implement this curriculum in your daily life. These sessions form the basis of all further learning in Alexander Technique.

STAGE 3 : Posture, Performance, Perfecting
40 mins x ongoing sessions : $75
Refinement of the fundamentals learned during STAGE 2 sessions, specialised activities can be explored in sports, performing and hobbies.

-> How balanced, coordinated and pain free do you want to be? You set the agenda in this stage and work with the practitioner to achieve your personal goals.

40 minute Skype/phone session : $75

Thank you Paul for your phone session, which we did when I was sitting in my car.  You were clear about describing the position for different parts of the body, so I knew what to do.  I was really surprised to find out that I couldn’t even see out of my rear view mirror when sitting properly, which means I was using my body poorly during all of that driving in Sydney traffic.  I have been able to transfer this advice to sit properly in the office, during meetings, during movies, and so on.  Thank you so much for helping me in this way! Brenda Jones 29th January 2015

Email: paul[at]
Phone:  0412 497 460