Airline Seats and Nursing Home Posture

Airline seat nursing home posture

A picture says a thousand words but one phrase always gets me looks of fear at my weekly presentations. “Nursing home posture”. Did you cringe? Well if you take a quick scan of yourself as you’re reading this then it might add some weight to my point.

My dear young mum, whom I’m on the way to see in Perth as I type in this story, lives in a nursing home. She lost the ability to stand herself up many months ago and is now quickly losing the ability to walk. She has this in common with most of the residents although at 74 I say it’s too young.

But I want to share with you a related topic, that of sitting in airline seats. I travel a fair bit interstate and feel I have perfected the art of sitting in the awful seats.

Airline seat posture

This is my strategy: find the front of the seat, sit on top of my sitting bones and bring the book or device up to eye level. Sure, it works better in the extra legroom seats offered to Velocity platinum club members, but I can also achieve this posture in seats further back that have another seat in front of me. It takes a bit of manouervering yourself around, but the comfort of relaxing into your bones and not slumping into your ligaments is well worth the trouble. I thought to myself, I wonder if I could get a photo of myself from some nice fellow passenger. I was in luck, the guy on the other side of the row volunteered himself.

I couldn’t help notice how he plonked himself back down at his laptop after taking a shot of me(the weird guy sitting upright in the plane).

Airline seat nursing home posture

He’s on the fast train to the nursing home.

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