The Actor’s Secret

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Betsy Polatin has written for my DIRECTION Journal and brings decades of experience working with performers. Her impressive bio is below and I highly recommend her February workshops in MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY to anyone interested in improving their performance, whether that is for an audience or simply enhancing your daily life. The flyer can be downloaded from here.

Actors use many methods to embody their characters…Alexander Technique is one of the oldest.

How do they float with such grace along the red carpet?

What is their secret to beauty and poise that enraptures so many millions of the world’s population?

Why do the biggest cosmetic companies in the world use actors?

They have a secret and Betsy is going to share that in her workshop series…to a limited number of lucky people.

Betsy Polatin, a movement specialist, has a BA in Dance and an MFA in Theatre Education. She is currently a Master Lecturer at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, teaching the Alexander Technique. As a certified teacher, her extensive post-graduate studies include Alexander Technique in relationship to: health, breath, dynamics of movement, acting, voice plus Somatic Experiencing. Her background includes forty years of movement education and performance as well as training in yoga, meditation, natural foods and the healing arts. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and assists in Dr. Peter Levine’s Master Classes.

I will post you a half price Relaxaback program if you attend as a personal incentive. I’m not getting a commission from Betsy, I just think her workshop will change your life…and you don’t get that kind of recommendation every day.

Let me know once you’ve registered. There’s an early bird price, so get cracking and click here for the registration page.

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