Lose Weight Look Younger 3 Steps

Of course the fat isn’t going to fall off in under 3 minutes…but perception plays a big part. If a woman can paint her face to hide the years in a matter of minutes then it’s possible to erase weight from your actual frame quite quickly too…if you’re smart about it.

So how does one look younger and lose weight in 3 minutes?

Step one: Knees

Locking your knees is the most effective way to create a protruding belly. Many people ask me why if they do it at yoga class shouldn’t they do it all the time. My answer is that what happens at yoga (or pilates) should stay at yoga. Once the class is over and the good has been done, it’s time to get on with things and not drag any of the postures along with you.

The best way to test this is to stand up, lock your knees back and completely relax (that is, don’t try to stand up straight). Your tummy pushes out, the shoulders round and your chin moves forward…the classic “stoop” that everyone tries to fix by holding their shoulders back and trying to “keep their head back”. (not to mention tightening their belly to hold it in!)

So the biggest tip for losing the appearance of weight is to prevent your knees from locking back. Stay on top of the cartilage surfaces of each knee and allow movement to keep happening as your balance corrects itself each micro second. It’s probably going to feel off balance at first because when you’re used to locking the knees all movement stops.

This simple practice allows your spine to lengthen, thus standing you taller and smoothing out your curves. The classic pot bellied stance most western men exhibit is more common that you think.

Men’s Suits Won’t Fit An Upright Man

A men’s suit designer whom I recently worked with told me that his suits wouldn’t fit me off the rack as they are designed for the masses. In actual fact the jackets are shorter at the back, more roomy at the front and have less length in the back of the neck. In addition the pants are pulled up tighter under the buttocks as most men hold their pelvis forward leaving a balloon of material drooping under their bottom of straight cut trousers.

This is ALL men… not just the overweight ones. The actual shape of the body is being affected by the habit of locking the knees backward. It’s not a lack of core strength, not a lack of strength to hold the shoulders back, not a congenital disease…it’s simply the knees.

Step Two: Balance

Walking with your head on top of your neck is the next simple habit to develop so that you are walking taller, your arms are swinging freely and there’s a lightness in your step. A larger person who moves with inner balance creates an aura of lightness around them.

Balancing your head on top of your neck assists with the freedom of moving because your body weight is centred through the bones and not being held in chronic tightness by the muscles. If you happen to catch your toe on something you aren’t already overbalancing with your head, neck and shoulders forward. This upright balance smooths out the rotational flow of energy through your body…which simply means that your arms swing gently in opposition to your legs.

Looking DownTake a look at any person who you know that complains about their “balance not being what it used to be” and how they walk. Their tentativeness is self-fulfilling the mindset that their balance is not good. Looking down at the ground with your head and neck places something like 9-15 kilograms of load in front of your centre…as you are moving forward. This is a perfect recipe for overbalancing (as well as osteoarthritis in the neck).

A balanced body looks lighter so prevent yourself from looking down from the neck and use your eyes more.

Step Three: Softening

Fluidity is a subtle body language cue that is observable from a distance. If you are holding yourself together (head up, shoulders back, tummy in, bum cheeks gripped) you not only look stiff but these muscles will eventually fatigue and then you end up in a slump. What do all elderly people have in common? Stiffness. What do all people try to improve by tightening muscles? Posture.

Thinking about letting go as you walk creates an invitation for release in the muscles and joints. Others may not know how old you are but they form opinions due to you not moving freely. Regardless of how old they perceive you to be, in the end your initial impression is one of rigidity. Do you want to be seen as an old thinker?

As well as softening your body and movements in general, soften your face.

Stop holding tension in the furrow between your eyes, stop pursing your lips, setting your jaw and squinting. Merely letting go of what you’re holding in your face will strip years off your appearance…and it’s much cheaper than getting the injections.

Let me know if any of this is unrealistic.

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